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My interest towards photography starts with the search for a means of physical expression that in turn is a means of representations of reality. Understood as a tool that adapts to the capture not only of the palpable and thus of the physic, but also of that which is intangible, of difficult capture due to its subtle and immediate nature, the capture of irrefutable moments in a concise way. Using a narrative tool to interpret and suggest through fractions of an own look. It is known that any means of expression, artistic or not, is also an introspective tool and of subsequent analysis of a content, usually more private than what the own creator thinks. In this sense, photography is able to establish a great degree of privacy, a narrow bond between the photographer, what they take photos of and a possible spectator. This expressive dialogue is very attractive and suggestive, especially for the photographer or creator. The photograph gives you the basic tools to build, to capture scenes or ideas and to give them a physical format. It is unquestionable that photography is tied to an eagerness to discover, through the lens, a new world, sometimes very close to the real vision but sometimes closer to an imaginary personal world. It is a way of giving voice to those things that for any motive call our attention and of giving shape to this relation. For instance, landscapes do not exist by themselves, landscapes are an invention. Their interpretation asks for some eyes to observe and to value them, for somebody who shapes them visually and who gives them an aesthetic category. A photograph is never the exact evidence of the event, but the interpretation of the person who captures it and gives it significance. That possibility of creating stories is what I am really fond of photography. What I mean is the interest that the image has of the usurpation of reality, the interpretation of the reality and the recreation of a new world. Thinking that a world of images can “substitute” a real world is a utopia, but the function that the image has as echo of reality contributes to create a new physical, magical and suggestive world. Besides, photography achieves it in its highest degree, making it look like the model and paying tribute to it. Photography provides us, in the shape of echo, an extension of this model and it also gives us knowledge about this model beyond experience and independently from it.

That is part of my thought about the possibilities of photography as a process of (re)creation and acknowledgment.

Residence: Barcelona (Spain)



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