Surprenante vie sous-marine


These are the breathtaking underwater pictures captured by a marine life photographer in the wildest parts of the planet. David Doubilet’s awe-inspiring images were taken in far-flung parts of the Antarctic and around exotic islands. The vibrant photographs range from cute Australian sea lions peering inquisitively into the lens to a terrifying Great White Shark opening its jaws in South Africa.


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Great white shark bite

I said, no pictures! A great white shark makes a less friendly subject as it tries to bite the camera in Gansbaai, South Africa


Smiling Nudibranch

Spine cheek clownfish in bleached anemone Papua New Guinea

Vibrant characters: A chromodoris nudibranch raises its mantle to detect its environment in a white studio, while a spine cheeked clownfish nestles in bleached anemone in a more natural setting of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea


Papuan fisherman Raja Ampat Indonesia

Shimmering surface: A Papuan fisherman stands in his wooden outrigger above schools of flashing baitfish in Raja Ampat, Indonesia


Chinstrap and gentoo penguins, Danko Island, Antarctica

Happy feet: Chinstrap penguins survey their surroundings from the top of a ‘bergy bit’, or small ice floe, off Danko Island in the Antarctic Peninsula


Australian Sea Lion

Sea life through a lens: An Australian sea lion peers playfully into the camera off Hopkins Island South Australia


Circle of Barracuda

In the spotlight: Barracuda encircle daredevil diver Dinah Halstead as intrepid photographr David Doubilet captures the moment in the clear waters of Papua New Guinea


Australian sea lions in a sea grass meadow


Picturesque: Australian sea lions play in a sea grass meadow off Hopkins Island, South Australia


Shortnose Batfish

Sad face: The talented photographer picks out incredible detail in this close-up of a funny-looking shortnose batfish, or Ogcocephalus nasutus


Red Waco Biplane over Key West, Florida keys National Marine Sanctuary

Vast and blue: A red Waco biplane over Key West and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary – the birth place of the Gulf Stream


Hook and Hardy Reef, Great Barrier Reef

Amazing aerial view: A De Havilland Beaver Biplane delivers scuba divers to Hook and Hardy Reef on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Thre eStingrays


Light and shade: The beautiful pictures have great impact, even in black and white



Maori (humphead wrasse) Chelinus undulatus at Opal Reef  Great Barrier Reef Australia


Fish-eye: A Maori humphead wrasse at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, left, and a male tomato clownfish, right, guarding his clutch of eggs – which hatch in a week


parrotfish smile, heron island Great barrier reef Australia

All smiles: A parrotfish seems to grin in its sleep near Heron Island, Great barrier Reef


Stingray and Sailboat

Between sea and sky: A southern stingray glides across the waved raked sands of North Sound bay, Grand Cayman islan

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